About Us

Derrick Hakim, the site’s operator, has many passions in life, but the one that has been with him the longest has been recording music.  From running a small studio since elementary school, Derrick has held almost every role the music industry has to offer.

In 1992, Derrick founded a small recording company in Detroit called Rave Records, Inc. The company has national releases which included Wonderful by bukimi3, and The Garden…The Smile, by Dorothy. Other acts included Cybercryst, and Nicole.

Derrick’s main passion was in the production side of the business, and was the producer of much of the music that the company produced and released. He is well-versed on a wide-array of recording gear, and has a passion for large-format analog tape-based recording equipment. He can play many different instruments (some better than others), including guitar, drums, and analog synthesizers, which has made him a well-rounded producer.

Although Derrick is not active in the company today (primarily due to the lack of time), he maintains a large “arsenal” of recording and music gear for his own enjoyment and the use of others.

In the early 90’s, Derrick and his long-time friend Roger began collecting vintage analog synths.  They have owned some of the finest analogs around, including Moog Modulars and EMU Modulars.  They still own many today, and Derrick is excited to share his passion with yours.